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I visibly remember my childhood spend in my grandfather’s workshop. Even to this day I feel more at home in my workshop, then in many other places. But even if the beginning of this story goes way back to my childhood, I was not always sure this is my passion. I use to work as seamstress and sales person, before I heard my call. I always loved experiencing new thing. If I would not follow my inner instinct, I would never find my passion for being a blacksmith.

Lucia Žitnik, Artist


What I Make

Forged Lamps

My unique decorative lamps are all hand-made and create excellent ambient lighting for any interior space. 

Dazzling mirrors

 Mirrors impress with excellent design, ease-of-use and technical sophistication. But don’t just take a word for it, find out for yourself.

Private Collection

Custom Made Pieces

Summer '18 Collection

What I do

Handmade pieces made with love

Blacksmith is only seemingly slipping into oblivion. Those who still see the soul in the forming of iron and in the old blacksmith’s procedures are daily keeping it alive. My personal vision is to build successful family business that produces mainly recognisable and unique mirrors with hand – wrought elements that meet the needs of more demanding customers. The purchase of  my products is a purchase of a unique piece, which is equipped with an certificate. 


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Lucia Žitnik